From entry level to executive positions, our extensive library of over 500 assessments (many of which are available on-line) – have been rigorously evaluated to assure accuracy.

They include the following areas:


Value Assessments

Work Ethic, Trustworthiness, Emotional Maturity, Dependability, Turnover Risk, Persistence


Behavioral Assessments

Predictive Behavior, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership, Supervision


Skill Assessments

Typing, Math Skills, Language Skills, Software Proficiency, Mental Reasoning, Cognitive Ability, Mechanical Movement

In addition to analyses and assessments, we offer thorough background checks including:

State Criminal Background Checks Educational Background Verifications
Federal Criminal Background Checks Military Service Verifications
Social Media/Digital Footprint Checks Motor Vehicle Records Search
Reference Checks Social Security Number Searches
E-Verifications HHS/OIS Exclusion
Debarment Checks Terrorist Checks
Credit checks Professional License Verifications
Employment Verifications Sex Offender Searches